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Data Science Consulting

Data can be a massive source of competitive advantage in the 21st century. We help organizations understand how to use their data to support innovation and create sustainable competitive advantage.

ML Driven Products

Machine learning can be used to augment human decision-making to make us faster, smarter, and more efficient. We build products that enable businesses to make better decisions with fewer people.

Industry Analytics

By utilizing a diverse set of data, we create analyses that give context to decision makers. This context is vital in a fast changing world under increasing uncertainty.

Our Products

The real estate market in Mongolia suffers from information asymmetry, where buyers and sellers often do not know what the market rate is. By using historical listing data and machine learning, pricecheck.mn provides free computer evaluation of apartment market values.

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Robert Ritz

Principal Data Scientist

Turbold Ganbold

Business Development

Amarbayan Altangerel

Data Scientist