We solve problems with data

The size, speed, and complexity of data grows every day. Our solutions give you actionable insights for your business.

Our Services

Advanced Analytics

Make sense of data by getting insights that improve operations and reduce cost.

Cloud AI Models

Connect your business to machine learning in the cloud to accelerate your business.

Data Science Consulting

Get expert help building machine learning or advanced analytics solutions quickly.

Our Products

Our state of the art cloud applications are resources you can immediately use in your business. 

About Us

Mongol.ai was founded in 2018 with the aim to bring advanced analytics, machine learning, and data science to both the private sector and the general public.

Find Insights

Your data is like an unexplored gold mine. We can help you find insights in your data to improve all aspects of your business.

Reduce Costs

Stop wasting time remaking the same report every week. Reduce repetitive tasks and automate work that does not need human oversight.

Generate New Products

Machine learning can open new opportunities to build products that serve your customers.

Social Good

We believe each of us has a duty to help Mongolia using our talents. We dedicate a part of our time to products that help society.

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