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Our cloud native applications allow you to leverage public and private data to grow or improve existing businesses.

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Cutting edge technology. Our cutting edge data and machine learning platforms use the same technologies as the tech giants.

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Ulaanbaatar air pollution is some of the worst in the world. The recent ban on the burning of raw coal in the city and the introduction of improved coal has many wondering about the effectiveness of the new rules and new fuel. Mongol.ai's air pollution cloud app provides an advanced ability to view pollution trends in Ulaanbaatar over time, compare at different time scales, and better understand the reality of the situation in Ulaanbaatar. This free cloud app is part of our commitment to social good.

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The campaign period for Mongolian elections is very short, and every election brings new rules and new election districts. We built Songolt to provide researchers and the public information about election districts and candidate Facebook ads.

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